Oct 28

Life with Him at the Center pt 1.

Hey y’all (that’s the extent to my Louisiana twang)! What a few weeks it has been! So many wonderfully beautiful things are happening down here on the Bayou! Recently, I have slowly realized the true struggles of young college students, more specifically though, young college women. I have been talking with a young woman who is really struggling with who she is, who she wants to be, and how she feels she should act in accordance to be accepted in society. Personally, my own story has a lot to do with what she is going through now, “who am I?” “I will be happy when…” “I want this because I see other happy people with it.” It is very hard to see a young woman not know who she is, not to see that she is a beloved daughter of Christ and she is beautiful.  It is hard to see who we truly are when we close ourselves off to our Father.

I can see how hard this can be for those who are leaving home for the first time, our young people need our help now. The world can be a lonely, empty, and a numbing place. We were never asked to live this life alone, though at many times we feel lonely. The world that we live in has so many empty promises, “If you do this, you will be happy…” And after some time, we become so use to falling into sin that doing the right thing doesn’t seem right because we fear not being accepted. So, you begin to live day to day for yourself, instead of living our gift of life for the Lord and our brothers and sisters.

Pray for the young women who are struggling with who they are and pray that they see how truly loved and valued they are!


Oct 06

Team Life!

Oh man! We have just gotten off fall break, and let me tell you, it was much needed! We have been going and going since early August, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. We have been on 2 missionary summits, held a fairly large retreat at the beginning of school, have helped put on 2 evening retreats, moved in freshman, signed people up for bible studies, started leading bible studies, and have invited people into discipleship…It has been such a wonderful experience so far. But today, I want to share with you the people that I met back in June, my team. There are 6 of us, Sean (far left), Julie (right side of Sean), Janna Clare (to the right of Julie), Allison (to the right of Janna Clare), Nathan (far right) and myself. The Lord has truly blessed me with each of them, through what the have taught me and how much joy they have brought me in this radical time of change!

Sean – Sean is our team director, which is really no surprise. Sean has such a great zeal for this mission and the University of Louisiana. As a team director, he has really helped me in understanding what the heck I am doing here. As a brother in Christ he is hilarious, he has some pretty sweet dance moves and always seems to have something witty to say. What really inspires me about Sean is how in love he is with Christ and the mission, he really does bring the mission into every aspect of his life and, even he, admits that picking up our cross is this mission is hard but it is worth it. Thank you Lord of the gift of my brother Sean.

Julie – Julie is a December grad (almost a ULL Alum!!), and sadly, she will be leaving us to go spread the word of God to another campus in January. Julie has been student teaching since school has started, she wakes up every morning but on her super cute teacher clothes and teaches an 8th grade English class at a local school. She often comes home and has some hilarious story about her students doing something crazy (oh middle school!). Julie has taught me that it is okay, and often times needed, to embrace ones emotions. Her and I have had some pretty great heart to hearts where one of us has cried (sometimes both). Lord, I am so thankful that you have put my dear sister Julie on my team!

Janna Clare – Or as we all call her JC!!! Janna Clare is like that little sister who is always excited and ready to go! She makes me laugh all the time and just brings the team up with her goofy facial expressions, the crazy things she says, and most importantly her wild dance moves! JC and I are extremely different when it comes to a lot of things, for example, she is very much a morning person…I, on the other hand, am not! But we have found so much common ground, and above all, her and I both love Jesus. She has done such a wonderful job here on campus and I am so happy that she has become like the little sister I always wanted (she even lets me wear her clothes!!) Oh Lord, thank you so much for the gift of my sister Janna Clare, she brings so much laughter to the team and brings me so much joy!

Allison – Allison is a part of Varsity Catholic (all of her disciples are competing athletes for ULL) and it very much shows. She is an athlete through and through. Allison is very driven when it comes to her girls and it is really always so fun to hear her stories and conversion for her soccer girls. Allison, is most definitely the mom of our group, she helps Sean in anything that he needs but she is also so available to us (mostly me and all my questions about things), but she is also such good friends with all of her disciples…which I mean is the goal here! She has taught me that as much as we have to be available to our students, we also have to be here for one another as a team, we have to help each other excel just as much as our students. Lord, thank you for the gift of your daughter, and my sister, Allison and all her words of encouragement.

And last, but most certainly not least, Nathan – Nathan is very much the silent but deadly type. Most of the time Nathan is somewhere out in space and we don’t know what happens on those little trips he takes during meetings, but when he comes back down to earth he has some hilarious to add or something super profound. Nathan and I have been in the same boat for a lot of the past 2 months, not knowing exactly why we are are here but loving every single minute of it. Nathan has such a passion to learn more about the faith and help others to want the same thing. The other day I took him to the airport and with a huge grin on his face he told me about how he asked one the guys here, Jo, into discipleship. The pure joy that came from him was so incredible to see. Thank you Lord for making Nathan apart of this team, for his humor and his heart.

Lord, I ask you to keep blessing team UL and helping us all learn and grow from one an other. Thank you so much for these beautiful, funny, passionate brothers and sisters! I could not do it without them.


Sep 29

My Girls!

For the past two months that I have been here, I have gotten to meet so many people! So many Ragin’ Cajuns that are so on fire for the Lord, but there are three in particular that I would like to introduce you to, these three girls have answered the Higher Call and they believe in Spiritually Multiplying is the way that we can reach every single person in the world.

WIN – I have spent so much time with each of these girls wether it was sitting in coffee shops talking about life, going through every single isle in Target for hours with each other, or sharing meals with one another, I am so blessed to surround myself with these beautiful women.

BUILD – Now that they have accepted my invitation into discipleship, it is my job to teach them different types of prayer, teach them and help them with the Bible Studies that they are leading, continue to build a sincere and virtuous friendship with them, and keep the vision of getting souls closer to God alive in their everyday life.

SEND – In time, each of them will be mentoring and will be extending a hand into discipleship with others.

As much as I wish I could say that I am teaching them so much, it is really them who are teaching me at this point. Yes, I help equip them for Bible Studies, I teach them different ways to pray (such as Lectio), but what they are showing and teaching me is, how to love unconditionally. When I get text messages that say, “Can we talk?” or “I need someone to go pray with, will you come with me?” I get so excited. All I ever want to do is be there for them through thick and thin, through finals and essays to relaxed coffee dates.


Keep these beautiful women in your prayers please!

Danielle Cormier, Macie Weaver, Morgan Comeaux

Danielle Cormier, Macie Weaver, Morgan Comeaux

Sep 29

Getting Called to Mission!

Well, this mission has asked me to go on yet another mission in May! I’m so excited to announce that I will be going to Hong Kong (as I’m sure you all know by now!), for two weeks. I’m so excited for this trip, never did I think that I would be going on an international mission to Asia. As I prepare for this trip, I ask that you all pray for Asia and the conversion of the leaders across the west. May God open their hearts to His great love and may they treat their people with care and love instead of instilling fear and ultimately persecuting them. Hong Kong

Sep 08

Saint Louis Cathedral

Labor Day weekend!

Labor Day weekend in New Orleans. Went on an adventure down the French Quarters!

Sep 08

On the Grind!

This past week hasn’t been easy, but is sure has been a blessing. First, we are finally getting into a daily routine with our daily prayer and team building/bonding. Hanging out with students, as usual, has been a major blessing, having them open up and talk to me about what is real and true in their lives helps remind me that I am supposed to be here and I just need to trust is Christ and let Him take over.

Which leads me to talk about what is on my heart:

First, this adventure (FOCUS) has not been easy  for me, since last fall I have had a lot of reservation about letting Christ guide me and take over my life. Even just to let Him love me has been such an incredible struggle. For the past week or so, I have heard the same message from Father Broussard’s homilies; that is, to let go of what is holding you back from growing in a relationship with God and His plan for you. These things can range from holding onto our past, to cutting the tie of the dream future you wanted.  For me, it is both of those things, and seems to be everything in-between. There are a few things that I am holding onto that I have surfaced:
1. I have held onto my past so tightly because I know I never want to go back to that lonely dark pit. But holding onto that, at times, I sometimes forget to live in the present.
2. Letting go of loved ones who aren’t leading you to Christ is not at all easy, but it is necessary. Whether they are boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, family member, if they are making it hard for you to love the Lord, it is time to step away.
3. I don’t want to relinquish control. Staying in control means that I cannot be hurt, or so I thought. I don’t want to disappoint Christ, all I want is to rest in His love which, in fact, means giving Him every bit of myself.

So where does this all lead me right now;

I am on a mission for God, so that His sons and daughters may have a true and sincere relationship with Him. For myself, I cannot live in my past, I have to learn to let go, and, since He has forgiven me, I must forgive myself. I also can’t have a piece of my heart back home and expect to give the Lord and this mission my everything. And finally, I must give up the control that I have in my life. I was, just as we all are, created out of the purest of love. It is my job as a human being to love The Lord above all, to love who I am (past and present), and to love my neighbor; for we are all walking in this world together and without one another we will continue to fail.

No, these things are not easy for anyone to go through, but that is okay. To remember that our only real calling on this earth is to love God with the truest and purest of hearts takes off a lot of pressure. When we live a life for God and in His love, others will follow, others will want what you have. So, for me here in Louisiana, I ask for you to walk in God’s love with me for with that love we will change the world.

God Bless! And Geaux Cajun’s!

Aug 28

Freshmen Move In!

Half way through the day!

Half way through the day!

Aug 28

Fall Out Reach!

What a wild and crazy few weeks it has been! I also promise to keep up with this more often now that Fall Out Reach is winding down. There has been so many things that have happened these past few weeks, so many wonderfully beautiful things.  Before school even began we hit the ground running with meeting students, helping them move in, and feeding them. We started meeting students at our Geaux Conference (also pronounced “go”), which was an amazing experience. We had about 130 students come to listen to talks from the tallest Bishop in the world, to our very own Paul George (who is just an incredible person and speaker!). We had a Eucharistic Procession through the campus where we prayed for all the students, the teachers, and for the Lord to just make this campus light up with love for Him.

The students who are involved here at the Catholic center are all on fire (I think I am going to learn more from them then I will they will from me!). The group we have here is called, The Ragin’ Cajun Catholics and not only do we have students who are willing to wake up and be at the church at 6 AM to help move in freshmen, lead their own bible studies, and be in the heat all day meeting new people; we also have an all star staff that works here. From the ladies in the office to our two priests, Fr. Sibley and Fr. Broussard. [Side note: Fr. Broussard was classmates with Fr. Christopher in Rome!!]

For the past week we have called over 250 students to sign them up for a study that will start next week and last throughout the semester. I can’t stop saying how incredible it is down here. It is truly something that you have to see to believe.

As for myself, it has been an overwhelming first week of school (and I don’t even have classes) but, to see how much love there is for the Lord, I can’t help to be ready for the year to begin. Sometimes I find myself so overwhelmed that I just sit and read, and find inspiration from J.R.R Tolkien. These past few weeks I have kept this quote in mind, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” It is going to be a beautiful adventure to walk with Christ and my brothers and sisters here!

I hope all is well back in the Land of Enchantment (mom, I need green chili!), I often miss comfortable company and home, but home is in my thoughts and my prayers. Please pray for us missionaries that we may have the energy and strength to continue meeting students and find the words that will inspire them to get involved with the Ragin’ Cajun Catholics!

God Bless! Geaux Cajuns!

Aug 10

Made it!

Good morning to all from Lafayette!

This past weekend my dad and I made the journey to Lafayette together, and let me tell you, a journey it was! By the end of our journey we had driven all the way through Texas AND Louisiana. Once we got here, we moved all my stuff in, fixed up a few odds and ends (aka got a bed to sleep in), and explored a little bit of Lafayette.

My team has all made it safely to Lafayette and our first team meeting was a great hang out session hearing about our Team Director’s (Sean Flack) adventure in Malaysia/Indonesia, and all of our summers.  Today, we are getting ready to go to a conference in Thibodaux till tomorrow and once we get home we hit to ground running on our fall out reach!

If anyone wants to talk or has any question, or suggestions on the lingo (things such as a Parish as opposed to a County)!

God Bless!



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