Nov 01

Spiritual Multiplication Works!!

Well, for the past year I have been talking about how if one person invests into three other people, and those three invest into three others, and so on and so forth, we could reach the world for Jesus Christ! I must admit though, sometimes I even questioned this method. It is so hard to see the fruit that the Lord is blessing when you don’t take to the time to thank Him and appreciate His great work! After working with Macie for a about 6 months last year, she started to invest into disciples of her own. She started her journey with a simple “yes” to the Lord, allowing me to mentor her through prayer and continuing formation, and is now investing and sharing what she has learned with eight other beautiful women. All of these women have said yes to God and are all under the age of 20! I wanted to share these women specifically with you because they inspire me with their zeal for the faith and their desire to spiritually multiply! Last night really compelled me to share them with because at 8:30 every monday we have Eucharistic Adoration and Praise and Worship, and nearly every one of them was there and sitting in the front of the church. For me personally, I was overwhelmed with joy and grace. The Lord truly kindled the fire in my heart and assured me that this is His plan and that the love that they have for Him is pure and runs deeper than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for your support in helping these women fall madly in love with Jesus and His Church.

In the picture below left to right: Tori Furka, Elizabeth Sheldon, Macie Weaver, Celeste Manuel, Maddy Bergeron
Front and center: Sarah Chatman