Mar 16

Be Silent and Listen

Well, what an eventful week it has been since I last talk to you all. Me and my teammate, Allison (the redhead), and I took a group of 5 beautiful women on a retreat this weekend to Nashville with the Dominican Sister of Saint Cecilia. Each one needed this opportunity for growth, for silence, and a help in laying it all down for the Lord. For me, and what I really want to share with you is, the beauty of silence is something that is powerful and something we don’t ever realize we need (that’s what I learned this weekend). In the chaos and craziness of the world, we don’t stop and realize that the Lord is standing right by our side and patiently waits for us to turn to Him and just be with Him

This year has taught me so much about how much of a gentleman the Lord is. The Lord with never force Himself on us but, that doesn’t mean He doesn’t stop waiting for us. How perfect and beautiful is that; He waits for every single one of us to finally turn to Him and see Him. For this last week of Lent, I want to challenge all of you to be silent and listen. Turn off your phone, stop distracting yourself with noise and being “busy,” turn and see the Lord, even more so, listen to what he wants to tell you. He may want to tell you how much He joy you have when you look at your children, it could also be how incredibly loved you are by Him and your spouse, or how you have been blessed with a beautiful family even when things get hard. He has been waiting to tell you something but, you need to stop with the noise and just listen. I’m not asking for an entire day with no noise, no, 15 minutes. Don’t take your phone to prayer, don’t play music when you drive to work, don’t read; just be with Him, just sit in silence, and honestly it is going to be incredibly uncomfortable. Why?! Well, because we are use to being “busybodies,” be silent and listen. That’s all He wants. He is waiting for you, are you ready to meet Him?