Mar 09

Prayers Needed!

Hey y’all! Things down here have been busier than ever but, if amongst all the craziness the Lord has continued to just pour His grace upon me. I would ask that you keep a few things in your prayers over the next few weeks.


The first: This weekend I am taking a group of young women on a retreat to Nashville, TN with the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia. Please pray for them that they may find clarity in what the Lord is calling them to.

Second: A few weeks ago I went to a gathering of Southern Plains (the region I am apart of) missionaries and I was able to spend incredible time with some wonderful leaders within FOCUS and also our CEO Curtis Martin. That weekend really open up my eyes to the mission that we are all called to. At this gathering those who have applied to be a Team Director for next year and have qualified were there. It was an absolute privilege to be one of 60 leaders in the Southern Plains. I would ask you to please pray for my fellow missionaries and our organization, that the best 130 missionaries will be selected to become Team Directors for next year.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. My heart, thoughts, and prayers are always with you! Please let me know if I can pray for you in anyways either here or via email or phone call.

Peace and blessings!