Nov 17

Giving Thanks!

I often have a hard time being thankful. This is for numerous reasons, one huge reason is because, I can often times be selfish. It has taken me some time now to be aware of this (still something that I am struggling with!!). But what I want to say now is thank you! Thank you for all of your prayers, your support, and your yes to this mission! I would not be where I am personally, spiritually, or professionally, if it weren’t for you all. I hope that I can talk with all of you and tell you exactly how much you have done for me!  You have all helped me in my relationship with Christ. You have helped others grow in a relationship with Christ. And you have strengthened the future of the Church and the world. Thank you all so much! Only a few more weeks till I can tell you some transforming stories!

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  1. Mom & Dad

    Thank you Brenna for your “yes” to Christ!! We are just writing Kiernan is palanca for this Confirmation retreat this weekend. It reminds me of when you went to your Confirmation retreat and your Confirmation day when you said “yes” to God, yes

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