Nov 04

What Do I Do?

I’m not going to lie, I have one of the best jobs in the world. Back in July I got asked, nearly everyday, “What exactly are you going to be doing?” And I would have given you a very well versed answer that would have most certainly answered your question but it wouldn’t have been an authentic answer. Being here on campus, many people are confused and wonder, ‘if you don’t go to school at ULL, what do you do?’ Some students will say that, “The FOCUS missionaries are basically professional friends.” How incredibly wrong they are.

So, what do I do?
I am a soldier. I am at war. I am at war for souls. And my Commander is Christ Jesus. I fight next to all of the Saints in Heaven (canonized and those who aren’t), I pray for Mary to protect me, and I ask Jesus to use me daily as His soldier. This is a war that never sleeps, never rests, it is a war that is always raging on. I encounter souls everyday, some that I am familiar with and others that I have never met before. No matter the soul, stranger or not, I fall in love with. I pray for them. I pray that Christ opens their hearts up to His love. I pray that they see the Lord in others, but before that, I pray they see the Lord in themselves. I pray for open eyes, open hearts, and opportunity to act upon what students have seen and heard. I am a teacher. I teach others about how to equip themselves to enter into this war. I teach them what it means to have a true relationship with Christ (and other souls). I teach them how to dive deeper into the Word of God. I live a life that is totally centered around Christ Jesus. I have put myself and my selfishness aside so that he may work through me. I ask him to take over my heart, my thoughts, my words, and my actions.

I live with my students, I study when they study, I talk when they need to talk, I eat when they want to eat, I share my life with them and they share theirs. I love them. Not just one of them, but all of them.


  1. Robert Christenson

    Wow! This one hit home for me on a couple levels. For one, I too get asked all the time, “So, like, what do you actually do?”. ;0) It’s become easiest to just say, “I work on computers”. It’s not as cool as “I am a soldier for Christ”, though! I might have to tweak my response a bit!

    Seriously though, like Megan, I wish I had had someone like you in my college life. Someone to show me there was joy and happiness to be found outside the mainstream destructive behaviors so many associate with normal college life.

    I am not, by nature, a person who can do what you do. The world and our young people need people like you, so thanks so much for doing “whatever it is you do” ;0)

    Prayers for you,

    Robert and Kerri

  2. Megan Lausen


    And we thought you were just partying😊. Just kidding… Really, we are so in awe of what you and your fellow FOCUS soldiers are doing. How I wish I had someone like you when I was in college. There are so many kids who are unhappy and pursuing things that they think will make them happy and it seems so normal because everyone else around them is doing the same thing. You at FOCUS are a beacon of light in a dark world! We thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and we are to happy to support you in your efforts.

    With love,
    The Lausens

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